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My name is Brent Woolhouse and I was raised in Becker, Minnesota for most of my life. Growing up as the youngest of three children, frequently being told what to do by my older siblings, I decided at a young age that I wanted to be my own boss. When that time came, I was intrigued by the Irrigation Business. The summer after High School I landed my first sprinkler system installation. My father, Butch Woolhouse and brother-in-law, Dennis Pederson assisted me in the installation until I could build my own team. Together, under B & J Sprinklers, we installed three more sprinkler systems! Beginning that summer in 1996, we have gone on to build a successful irrigation business!

In 2005, I purchased a sprinkler system company, Grove Lawn and Irrigation. Adding that to my original company, B & J Sprinklers, we combined the two businesses, known today as Grove Company, LLC!

Everything has not been smooth sailing as most people can imagine. The new housing market slump hindered the amount of people building new houses and accompanying them with irrigation systems. We did not allow this to deter us, instead, we began to offer more services that appealed to current homeowners. We began to become experts in landscaping, retaining walls and patios, so we added these under the umbrella of services we offered.

In 2012, we purchased Irrigation Services as well as ServiceMySprinkler.com, which gave us the ability to sell irrigation products through an online store. Another convenient service added to Grove Company’s services offered to customers.

Today, Grove Company, LLC is a full service sprinkler and landscaping company offering services throughout all four seasons: sprinkler system design, sprinkler system installation, seeding, sodding, over-seeding sprinkler installation, sprinkler maintenance, lawn care (mowing, fertilizing, aerating) retaining walls, patios, snow removal, and many more!

Whether you need a sprinkler system installed or a customized landscape to match your beautiful home, rest assured Grove Company will not only meet, but exceed your expectations! We currently service over 90 cities and towns in Minnesota and would love to include you as one of our many satisfied customers! We would be happy to provide you more information, so just give us a call!

Together, we can make your yard dreams come true!

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